Monday, January 18, 2016

The hateful eight.

On a random thought.
Aku dengan dua housemate aku , decide untuk merempit ke wayang.
Randomly pickup cerita English yang ada.

Ada satu cerita bahasa Telugu and satu bahasa Kannada.
Wouldnt watch that.

So the movie that we decide to watch is titled as "The hateful eight".

Setting cerita is in the USA after the civil war.
It is about ,a group of man whom suppose to bring a prisoner for her guilt.

I shall say that i couldn't understand most of the English Texas accents they are using.

So overall, i have been wondering "Whadd did hei said jas naww?"(english gaya texas).

Bila dah climax, most of it banyak tembak tembak.(not suitable for children)
And the thrilling part is to reveal who's  the villain.

A lot of blood splatter dalam cerita ni.
Serious not recommended for those who has weak heart or spirit.

By the end of the movie after 3 hours and a 5minutes interval,
I shall sum it up as,
"What the h*** did i just watch!?"

1star for the setting and scripts.
2stars for the movie.
3stars for the comedy part of it.
4stars for our charming Channing Tatum.
5stars for our main characters.

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