Friday, May 13, 2016


First of all, minna-san! iols dah lepas 2nd year (at last (⌒-⌒; ) ) . So i am going back to Malaysia in 4months. Yattaa!!! *baling kelopak bunga sakura*

I shall now explain to you what happen to me for the past 6months.
For those who are not interested please click on the red  "x" button .

Okay , people! gomenasai for my boring post (and it still boring for now) for the past 6months. Actually i am having a severe depression which lead me to have "lack of sleep", "susah nak tidur", "easily irritated" , "being over sensitive", "feeling down for almost all the time", and "feeling that the world will be better off without me"

Ecehh speaking pulak iols.

it isdepression, some kind of a problem related to mental state but guys it is not gila okay.

For those who experiencing the same symptoms which i have listed. Please do meet your physciatry doctor asap before thinking of throwing yourself from klcc.

Sekian berita hari ini. *Lari*

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