Saturday, January 14, 2017


Konnichiwa! Since i have been dissapearing nowadays and doesn't make an effort on opening this blog, I have decided to write a fictional story! *claps* . So minna-san! Here is the prologue

I had a dream, I was running freely on a road with a big smile on my face. I never knew what is happiness but I looked happy there. But still, it was just a dream, the next thing i knew, i woke up to reality. A dull life of mine. I looked around my shabby room and pull off my blanket all over my head. I hate my life. I hated myself.

I tried to ignore the knocks that have been rambling up until now. "Tsumugi! Wake up already! You will be late to school!"

I curled up myself , closing my ears. How long has it been since i last smile?I am not really sure anymore. I wished i had never woke up in the morning. I rather be sleeping all the time than facing the reality. Oh God, may i ask, why me?


Okay thats the end of the prologue! Kinninaru desho? hoho wait for the next post!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wasted Droplets

I went to the class as early as I could , i looked around and sat down silently, My phone was permanently switch off. I cried again to the fact that I missed the exam today.

Wasting my tears droplet, I try to say to my friend "It's okay" as she rushed to me when she entered the class. I know she feels guilty, so i tried to hold on my tears which is overflowing infront of her.

My eyes were swollen, my face are reddened, i try laugh but, it sounded fake. Why can't i hide my feeling well today?