Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Tsukuyo or else also known as "the beautiful moon".

Tsukuyo still won't talk.
It is already past few weeks since Tomoe and Nanami found her drenched  in the middle of the rainy city.
She was dying back then.
Her pale skin all covered in blood and no one cares.

Nanami sat beside her. She does resembles Tomoe a bit.

"Tsukuyo what do you want for dinner today?" Nanami smiles gently.

Tsukuyo pick up a notebook and wrote ,
 "Anything would be fine."
She is expressionless.

Nanami tilt her head and have a better look at the expressionless lady who is sitting beside her.
She pull Tsukuyo close to her. Hold her softly.

"I hope we could hear your voice soon"

Tsukuyo space out, did not even bothered to say anything.


Tsukuyo is sitting on the stairs facing up the yards.
She seems like she were staring on Kotetsu-kun who is pulling the weeds in the yard.

Meanwhile , Nanami is in the main area of the house.
Being watched over by Tomoe to complete the talisman.

"Nanami! You cannot leave this table until you finish all of this" said Tomoe angrily.
Nanami has been slacking off lately and he just could not spoil her anymore.
Nanami pouts.

After a while , they could hear Kotetsu-kun screams.

They all ran towards the yard.

Tsukuyo were facing a monster surrounded by black smoke.
Kotetsu is been hold by it.

"Kotetsu-kun!!" Nanami cried , she ran towards the monster and hold a kendo stick.

Tomoe stands beside her and sneer
"You brat, what do you want for us?"

The monster laughed.
Even Tomoe's blade could not take it down.
Nanami and Kotetsu were thrown aside.
They tried hard to protect Tsukuyo.

"Tsukuyo run!!" Nanami called her out in pain.

Tsukuyo looks around.
All her beloved people are being hurt again.
She stares at those filthy eyes of monster.

She starts to say some incantation as if she were singing.

"Am i a flower ,
Am i a queen,
or maybe a demon?"

The wind whistles from nowhere.
Sakura's petals starts to scatter.

"Tsukuyo?" Tomoe and Nanami were stunned.

The monster laughed ,
"You thought you could defeat me? Don't you remember i almost killed you?"

Tsukuyo step forward without any hesitation , she took Tomoe's blade which is lying in the ground.
"Get lost or die"

The next thing they know , the yard is filled with cherry blossom petals as the monster being slashed down by Tsukuyo.

There was a short pause after that. They all were in dazed.

Tsukuyo fell on the bare ground, shedding tears she has been holding on for decades.
She is trembling.

Nanami crawled over towards that fragile girl who seems like she is going to shatter into pieces .
"It's alright now Tsukuyo . Look, what a beautiful voice you have. Thank you for saving us" Nanami looks at Tsukuyo dearly.

Tsukuyo fall asleep in Nanami lap, exhausted .

Nanami smiled all over again.
Just as she thought so , Tsukuyo does resemble Tomoe.
She is not a human but a kind hearted youkai ,just like Tomoe.

p/s: Cerita ini hanyalah rekaan semata mata , tidak ada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang mati.
Sekian terima kasih.


Ni adalah gambaran Tsukuyo-

Kemain kan gua hahahahahhaaha

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