Sunday, October 23, 2016


An old man walks into Ward 7 with a blood transfusion line with him. His hands was swollen, almost lost its actual features of hand. He was sightly pale, probably anemic.  He sat on his bed and the specialist check him out.

"Pakcik fikir balik ya, pasal cadangan kami haritu" said the specialist, trying to convince him on something.The old men shook his head, very sure with his decision. He won't change his mind, refusing the surgery on and on again.

The doctor sighed and leaves him. That old man lay back on the bed as the nurse change the blood bag with a new pack. 

"Ni pack nombor tiga ya pakcik" said the nurse.

He was diagnosed with Urinary Blader Cancer, lost his blood everytime he urinated, have a bladder that does not function anymore but he still refuses to remove his bladder by surgery.

Pakcik, why do you choose to suffer, needing almost 3bags of  transfusion each and every week to support your blood lotst?  Please be well, it's painful for us to watch you suffer. May Allah grant you a better healh pakcik.

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