Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Un-messy room

I was about to clean up my room which is not even messy at all. If i could recall this kind of behaviour, it is known as "Unnecessary habit".

Despite having a short case exam tomorrow, and i am the first one to face Dr Zaw (since my name is the first one in the list), i wasted my time with some cleaning ritual. lol.

I am so messed up and demotivated with this whole Paediatric posting. Starting my posting with some kind of mistreated illness, i am so disaapointed with myself.

I need someone to let it out, but yet i don't want to burden anyone. So to the blog we go! lol

Well then.

"Dear my precious blog, i am sorry that you have such a pathetic demotivated owner, i hope you can bare with me while I am sorting myself out, sincerely from your owner"

Sore ja, mata ashita!

1 comment:

Firapower said...

Don't worry, you can do it. Pray for Allah ease everything. May it become your strenght